Money Facts


  • It is easy to see that the huge multinational marketing companies have been successful in persuading us that bottled water is cool, convenient and chic! Over 30 billion single use water bottles were consumed in Europe in 2012 (
  • Bottled water is expensive. The cheapest bottled water found in a recent survey in New Zealand was 64 cents per litre – but only if you bought a 10 litre bottle!  Typically supermarket prices are between 70 cents to nearly $2 per litre depending on the bottle top and volume purchased.  If you buy bottled water at some petrol stations and convenience stores then the costs are even higher! Compare this to Water-to-Go which gives you pure, clean drinking water at 7.5 cents per litre (just over 9 times cheaper than the cheapest supermarket price) and the cost savings are immediately apparent!
  • Save yourself money while helping to save the planet as well!

Save money on bottled water